Our network partners will work with you to find or provide funding for your creative enterprise.  We are working on the vexed problem of ‘valuing creative output’. It is a work in progress…but you will be on the cutting edge

We are more efficient and effective together than we are apart.  That is why we work as a community. We put together bespoke teams that provide you with exactly the right services to make doing business easier. Having your idea is one thing.  We will help you to get it to work.  We will put it into operation, one process at a time. Finding and purchasing the right services is not always as easy as it seems.  Let us use our extensive network to find you the goods and services you need. The distribution of creative products and services, especially intangible ones is another challenging area.  Let us help you navigate this labyrinth… and put in place the processes where they may not yet exist.


i+v has developed an empowerment model for Creatives called C.L.A.P.S.  It provides creative community members with concierge services in five categories – contract management, logistics, administration, promotion and supply chain management.

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