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What does ink + vision do really?

Ink and Vision is a service driven social enterprise which is focused on bridging business, creative and public sectors in countries of the Global South. This is done through service provision, advocacy and policy formulation for new economy development in countries of the Global South. 

i+v has a unique integrated model that builds creative communities made up of independent creative professionals from across the global South; provides business services through our creative concierge; facilitates their production of creative content and works to strengthen creative careers.


Creative Community

i+v's network of independent creative professionals form bespoke creative teams to develop creative campaigns. Our Community members work together to meet the creative content and service needs of our clients through five specialist disciplines:
+ Integrated Marketing Communication
+ Broadcasting
+ Public Speaking
+ Writing
+ New Media and technology

Creative Concierge

If you are a creative, you want to spend your time creating and practicing your craft. If you are in business, you want effective creative services efficiently
Let us do the 'heavy lifting' for you both. i+v provides concierge services which bridge creative and business activities
+ Contract Management
+ Logistics
+ Administration
+ Promotion
+ Supply Chain Management

Creative Careers

i+v facilitates creative work. We address matters of governance, public service delivery and professional development for creative practitioners through
+ Advocacy
+ Training
+ Institutional Strengthening
+ Facilitation
+ Research
+ Policy Development

See What We Can Do For You

Bridging is the connection two ideas or things.  i+v bridges gaps between creative and business sectors. We provide business services for creatives and creative services for businesses. This increases efficiencies on both sides.

i+v bridges gaps in the Creative Economy between creative, business and public sectors through service delivery and advocacy. Our goal is to contribute to the formulation of a strong and sustainable Creative/New Economy in the Caribbean and other countries of the Global South.



Managing Director Dr. Hickling Gordon has been a cultural and creative industries practitioner, administrator and educator for over twenty years, working across the disciplines of management, broadcasting, audio visual and events production, advertising and public relations and arts management. She converged these skills and now specialises in trans-national New Economy Development.

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