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I+V develops bespoke campaigns to optimize the creative professional’s activities.  The campaigns stand on five pillars:

I+V’s teams  help professionals articulate their mission, vision and aspirations. We assist creative professionals clarify and define their objectives, the arenas in which they operate, those things that differentiate them from others in their market and  the vehicles that will optimize their performance.
Administration and Accounting
Many professionals and creatives have neither the inclination, the interest or the complete knowledge to bring their businesses to compliance and efficiency. Through our administration and accounting teams we complete the processes and walk you through the process of bringing you to compliance and effectiveness.
On our clients behalf,  I+V Teams undertake the detailed organization of complex, creative operations. We manage the operational flow of activities between the point of origin and point of consumption. We get things done!
From a biography to a media strategy, every professional and in particular, every creative professional needs to promote his or her goods and services.  Our bespoke packages include Integrated Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing campaigns, specifically designed for creative enterprise.
Contracts and Intellectual Property are central to the operation of every creative professional.  Our legal partners assist creative professionals to review contracts, develop new ones and address intellectual property concerns.

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