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Services: It is a chore. It is a drag. I know. As a professional in small and micro business keeping your accounts up to date is not easy. In fact, it is the easiest thing to ignore! Then it piles up and you lose that little receipt or forget who you paid what. It happened to me, so I get it. That is why I know just how important it is to get started and why I+V is offering this service, to creative professionals who have had similar challenges in a startup.   So, I also know that you have lots of doubts. You think your business is not large enough to pay an accounting professional for dedicated service, so you just leave it alone. You know you need to put processes in place, but don’t know how. If you are creative, you may not have the inclination at all – you just want to create. Enter Ink and Vision Ltd. We invite you to tea or coffee with us. Once you take the first step and invest in the consultation with our consulting #accountants, we set up #systems.  Together, our team and yours, we get going.  For a modest monthly fee, we work with you to pull together all the information needed to keep you up to date and provide you with monthly reports. One email to will get you on your way. We will take it from there.  #thebusinessofcreativebusiness
if you are a sole proprietor and especially if you have opened a limited liability company… make sure you have a separate account for your business. Let’s be real, keeping personal and business funds separate is tough… especially if your creative activities are your only real source of income or if your margins are slim… keeping separate bank accounts is a good place to start… it’s not foolproof, particularly in this time of online banking… but it gives you pause and causes you to have to justify the crossing of funds. Sigh… money management is tough… and we’ve all had our ups and downs… but we have to commit to trying our best to do our best in this regard…. here are some other tips that I found quite insightful….working at it every day.
As creatives, often we don’t have the time, inclination or the full understanding of the accounting services we need to keep in business. People in ‘traditional’ businesses might find it strange… but we know that some creatives have great anxiety costing their work and sending out invoices… much less collecting funds due to them and accounting for it all. Often, as small business owners we think we can’t afford accounting services, and to be honest sometimes finding funds for our accounting processes is a strain with all there is to do. This is why we’ve developed low cost, bookkeeping packages especially for micro and small creative professionals.